these estates
rock band (regina, sk.)

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all inquiries to theseestates at gmail dot com

mission statement

john lyle alexander cameron (5'10")
matthew anthony paul carr (6'2")
mason james pitzel (6'0")

2014 – triumph, reign lp (n/a)
2013 – the dignity of man lp (200 copies)
2012 – "soiled hands" b/w "autumn in a foreign country" single (150 copies)
2009 – i can't wait cd-ep (some copies)

fender american std. telecaster, korg pitchblack poly, stephenson fix my duck, joyo voodoo octave, fender hot rod deluxe; squier '77 jass bass, jury musicmaster baritone, korg pitchblack, ben adrian ratmussen, peavey musician mk.1, home-made tl606; sjc drums of some variety, sabian sound control crash, sabian ed shaughnessy ride, some hi-hats; ford taurus station wagon, bulleit bourbon